Movie Review: Shamitabh (2015)

And the same reason for which these masters came together to create a Masterpiece. As BigB says it SHamitabh! R Balki, Rajnikant, Kamal Hassan (after Giraftaar), unite with @SrBachchan in the debut of Shruti Hassan.
Meant for the class, not the mass, its Balki’s third endeavor with @SrBchchan after, “Chini Kum”, and “Pa”.

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ShamithahfilmZero Stars (out of 4)

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For all but a few of Shamitabh‘s two hours and thirty minutes, I wished I was anyplace other than the theater. I would spare you that same pain.

The element of Shamitabh that should’ve precluded it from ever being made is its asinine premise. Dhanush plays Danish — all three leads play characters with variations of their own names — a mute, small-town guy who wants to be an actor. He fails to break into the Mumbai film industry until a sympathetic assistant director, Akshara (Akshara Haasan), takes him under her wing. Akshara’s father is a doctor whose colleagues in Finland have created a revolutionary technology to aid mute people.

The technology involves implanting a chip in the patient’s throat that acts as a receiver. When words are spoken aloud by someone wearing a connected earpiece/microphone, the sound comes…

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