How it all started

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piddly Slang definitions & phrases for piddly piddling adjective Meager; trivial; paltry : It was an effort, though a piddling one/ The case was ”a piddly little misdemeanor”/ Make your pissy-ass point again ( first form 1559+, second 1940s+) @article {Dictionary.com2015, title = {The Dictionary of American Slang}, month…

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10 interesting facts about Shamitabh

Amitabh Bachchan, the legend plays a role which none of the actors at the young age of 72 attempted to play so far in the history of Indian Cinema.
Balki, director of movies as, “Chini Kum”, “Nishabdh” is a director class apart and with “Illayraja’s” music direction, SHamitabh casting includes, Danush, Rekha, Shruti Hassan (Debut), as well as Abhishesk Bachchan in a comeo appearance.

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